AG. NICOLAIDES REAL ESTATE AGENTS former (PANEVA REAL ESTATE AGENTS LTD) was founded in Famagusta, 1967 by Panayis Ioannou and is a member of NICOLAIDES GROUP OF COMPANIES since 1975. It is involved in real estate business whether purchase, sale, rental or property management. 
The combination of our highly trained and experienced staff together with the wide range of properties in our data base, guarantees satisfaction of our customers’ demands and needs, whether in sale or lease. Information is easily accessible on any matters concerning real estate, from the point of purchase to the transfer of ownership to the new buyer. 
AG. NICOLAIDES REAL ESTATE AGENTS, having a large number of local and foreign customers residing permanently abroad, undertakes the management of their property such as collection of rents, payment of various expenses relating to the property, including any repairs that the property may need during the renting period.
Our Principles